Village Planning and Zoning History 

In 1998 the Planning Board began to study the Lincoln Station area in order to develop a more viable village center. Studies continued over the next 20 plus years. The SLPIC Village Planning and Zoning Team was appointed by the Planning Board and worked with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) to develop zoning and design guidelines that follow equitable transit oriented development guidelines.  These guidelines focus on creating housing options around transit.  The zoning also focused on the Comprehensive Plan's goal to "Create a compact, vital, walkable village center in the Lincoln station area that provides more housing choices near public transportation, goods and services for residents, and opportunities for social interaction". 

 SLPIC  held a number of meetings to solicit feedback on the proposed zoning and guidelines culminating in a public forum held on February 5, 2020.  In response to feedback from this public forum, SLPIC withdrew the warrant article from the March 2020 Town Meeting. On March 4, 2020 the Planning Board held a meeting dedicated to a Discussion of the South Lincoln Village District and in response to public input decided to take a step back and refocus the planning effort in South Lincoln.  The Planning Board appointed a new committee, the South Lincoln Advisory Committee (SLPAC) to continue the planning in South Lincoln.  

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Previous Public Engagement

A history of studies and plans.  click here

The State of the Town (SOTT) 11/02/19 -  Draft Zoning, Design Guidelines and Powerpoint Presentation. To view a video stream of SOTT click here. 

SLPIC Public Forum, May 7, 2019. To view the powerpoints, informational display boards and survey click here If you missed the public hearing click here to watch the video. 

Visual Preference Survey.  Click here.

SLPIC used the platform coUrbanize during the process. To review comments and the site click here. 

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