About Wayfinding

Wayfinding encompasses all of the ways in which people orient themselves in physical space and navigate from place to place.

The Wayfinding Team is a Project Team appointed by SLPIC to work on Wayfinding in Lincoln and has been working the last year on Branding and Wayfinding at Lincoln Station.

The Wayfinding system has a central informational kiosk located at the new pocket park which will lead residents and visitors to Drumlin Farm with stops along the way to Codman Farm and the Codman Estate. Visitors to Drumlin Farm will be lead back to Lincoln Station with stops at Codman Farm and Drumlin Farm. We hope to capture many of the 140,000 annual visitors to Drumlin Farm. It is anticipated that the Wayfinding system will be expanded to include other cultural centers and locations in Lincoln such as the DeCordova Museum and Minuteman National Historical Park.

Appointed members:

Kurt MacLaurin

Christina Van Vleck

Staffed by the Planning and Land Use Staff

Design - SLPIC Wayfinding Team

Sign Fabrication - Sunshine Sign

Design - Lemon Brooke Landscape Architecture

Funding - Massachusetts Complete Streets Program