Compact Community

What is a Community Compact?

It is a voluntary, mutual agreement entered into between the Baker-Polito Administration and the Town of Lincoln. The Lt. Governor came to Lincoln on December 8th to sign the contract with the Town.

In a Community Compact, a community will agree to implement at least one best practice that they select from across a variety of areas. Lincoln selected three.

How does a Community Compact work? What is the obligation of Lincoln?

Lincoln will over a two year period, implement the best practices selected.

What is the obligation of the Commonwealth?

The Commonwealth will offer:

1) technical assistance 
2) extra points on certain grants
3) grant program specifically for Compact communities (see 2 grants below. Lincoln has already applied for one and is discussing the IT grant which opens up in 2017 for applications.

About the Best Practices Program 

When a town applies to become a Compact Community it may apply for up to three best practices. Lincoln applied for three.

Best Practice 1 - Water Resource Management

Implement Stormwater Management Measures so that land use regulations help promote infiltration, control flooding, and reduce pollution

Best Practice 2: Housing & Economic Development

Align Land Use Regulations, especially zoning, capital investments, and other municipal actions with Housing Development, Economic Development, Master Plan, Land Use Priority or other plans for future growth. Promote development and reuse of previously developed sites.

Best Practice 3: Business Continuity

Implement a Solution to Digitize Paper Records that results in operational efficiencies and improved responsiveness to the public by implementing a Permit Tracking Software program to improve operational efficiencies both inter-departmental and the public, reduce paper as well create a more robust GIS/GPS program that intergrades with the permit tracking software.