Hanscom AFB Proposed Doppler Radar

National Broadcasting Company (NBC) is proposing to lease a site at Hanscom Air Force Base for the construction and operation of a high-resolution weather (Doppler) radar facility.

If constructed this would provide NBC Boston area TV viewers as well as social media and website users with enhanced weather reports and provide support to the Air Force Weather Programs at Hanscom AFB.

The Doppler radar transmitter shelter and associated mounting tower is within the Hanscom AFB located in Lexington in the southeast corner adjacent to the Air Force Cambridge Research Lab Historic District.

Construction will include a 120-foot high steel tower (total height 155 feet) with a radar dome, and a shelter planned to house transmitter equipment located at the base of the tower. The shelter will measure approximately 10' by 17' and will be enclosed by a chain-link fence.

Comments can be provided to:
Mr. Charles N. Strickland III
120 Grenier Street
Hanscom AFB MA 01731-1910

For Questions please contact Mr. Mazibur Khan at 781-225-6150 or mazibur.khan@us.af.mil

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