Home Energy Assessments

Get A Free Home Assessment through Lincoln Energy Challenge

Home Energy Assessments provide information and assistance to homeowners at no cost, a benefit funded by utility charges administered by the MassSave program. You can get started by visiting our online assessment page at Homeworks Energy or by calling 781-305-3319.

The Green Energy Committee's Lincoln Energy Challenge team is working with HomeWorks Energy, an experienced provider of home energy assessments in Massachusetts, to coordinate outreach and deliver services to our residents who want to take advantage of no-cost home energy assessments.

Our goal is to see that at least 300 Lincoln residents complete an assessment by April 2017 and implement appropriate home improvement projects like air sealing, insulation, and furnace, boiler or appliance upgrades with the help of state incentivized rebates.

While many Lincoln homes may have had earlier energy assessments, residents are encouraged to get a revised assessment if more than two years have passed.

When you schedule an assessment a trained, certified Energy Specialist will come to your home for a 2-3 hour examination. The Specialist will measure existing home insulation, identify cost-effective air-sealing opportunities, and identify lighting, appliance and heating equipment upgrade opportunities. Many of these efficiency improvements can be funded with utility subsidies.

The Energy Specialist may install immediate savings measures such as efficient light bulbs, low-flow aerators or shower heads, and programmable thermostats. Infrared imaging or wall tests may be used to reveal areas that lack sufficient insulation.

If your home is deemed eligible for air-sealing and you sign an air-sealing contract, the weatherization crew will come at a later date and pinpoint locations that are not well sealed. The air-sealing work is generally conducted in the attic and/or basement, and may be performed by any MassSave-qualified contractor of your choosing.

Talk With A Neighbor

LGEC.green circle.final.2 Many Lincolnites have benefited from a home energy assessment. Here are a few who are willing to share their experience with you:

Jennifer Morris Gundy: 781 259-9039

Ed Lang: 781-259-3302

Sue Klem: 781 259-9304