Lincoln Energy Challenge Now?

Thanks to government incentives and technology advances, many new energy-saving options have become available in the last few years.  No-cost home energy assessments can help you identify even greater energy savings. We are partnering with HomeWorks Energy to make it easy for Lincoln residents to schedule an assessment online LincolnEnergyChallenge, or by calling 781-305-3319.

Volunteers from the Green Energy Committee have researched these options in their own homes and are now ready to share this knowledge with other residents who want to:
  • reduce energy consumption, beginning with a home energy assessment;
  • buy ‘greener’ electricity, such as solar, wind and hydro power; and
  • make a decision about rooftop solar panels.
Look for our volunteers at events and organizations throughout Town.

Join Us!

We welcome volunteers who want to support this effort and help:
  • Reach out to friends and neighbors
  • Publicize events
  • Organize educational sessions
  • Share your stories and help write informational material
Contact Sue Klem at to get involved!