Motorcycle Unit

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Welcome to the Motorcycle Unit

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Our Motorcycle

The Lincoln Police Department currently uses a 2004 Harley Davidson Road King. The bike is equipped with:

  • Emergency lights & siren
  • Mobil Radio
  • Portable flashlight
  • Saddlebags (used to store patrol equipment)

Department Motorcycle Officers

The department currently has four motorcycle officers whose primary responsibility is to conduct traffic enforcement, provide escorts for funerals and dignitaries and respond to mutual aid when requested.

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- Sergeant J. Wentworth
- Officer D. Regan
- Detective I. Spencer
- Officer A. Moran

Police Motorcycle Operator Training

Each officer goes through a two week training school which consists of basic motor operation skills, how to aggressively break and escape, speed counter steering and how to perform the look lock and lean exercise. On the final day of training officers
must perform all the skills they learned over the past couple of weeks to obtain their certification.

If you would like to speak with one of our motorcycle officers please call 781-259-8113 or by visiting the Officers Roster Page.