The Village at Lincoln Station Revitalization Project 

Lincoln Station SLPIC Improvement Plan

South Lincoln Planning Implementation Committee (SLPIC) 

The South Lincoln Planning Implementation Committee (SLPIC) is a 10 member subcommittee appointed by the Planning Board subcommittee to work on various initiatives to help revitalize the Village at Lincoln Station. SLPIC has four project teams which focus on specific planning projects.  SLPIC is staffed by the Planning and Land Use Department.

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SLPIC Members
Lynn DeLisi Co-Chair Planning Board Representative
Gary Taylor Co-Chair Planning Board Representative
 Allen Vander Meulen Housing Representative
 James Craig Board of Selectmen Representative
 Charles Doherty Business Representative
 Sujit Sitole Business Representative
 Sharon Antia Lincoln Woods Representative
 Ken Bassett Rural Land Foundation Representative (RLF) Geoff McGean (alternant member)
 Craig Nicholson Member at Large
 Stacy Osur
Member at Large
 Jennifer Burney   Director of Planning and Land Use Ex-Officio Member (doesn't count towards quorum)