Tennis Courts

All courts are SCHEDULED TO OPEN ON SATURDAY, MAY 30.  New COVID-19 protocols are being developed and will be communicated to all court members.


The courts were built by the Town of Lincoln for use by Lincoln residents.  The Parks and Recreation Committee have instituted certain rules and regulations for users to follow.  It is our hope that the spirit as well as the letter of these regulations will be observed so that all may share the courts on a fair basis.  The courts are open from May through October, depending upon the weather.

1. A current  membership is required for all Lincoln residents and employees of the town.  Memberships must be renewed every calendar year and are valid from May through October.

2. Please do not play on the courts when they are soft and wet.

3. All users (participants and bystanders) shall leave the tennis courts and seek shelter at the first indication of thunder or lightening and remain off the courts until 30 minutes past the last indication of thunder or lightening.
4. Bicycles and dogs are prohibited from the courts.

5. The courts may be used on a first come, first serve basis except when the Parks & Recreation Department sponsors tournaments, matches, instruction (see monthly calendar), or closes the courts for maintenance.

6. Instruction and tournament play not sponsored by the Parks and Recreation Department is prohibited.

7. Players and spectators are expected to behave in a courteous manner at all times.  Arguing, shouting, verbal or physical threats, or any other form of disruptive or intimidating behavior shall not be tolerated.  Good sportsmanship is expected at all times.  Please do not disrupt play by walking across the court being used, or by making any unnecessary noise.

8. When all courts are in use and others are waiting to play, singles play must be limited to 1 hour and doubles to 1½ hours in total.  The court should then be offered to those having waited the longest.  If there are people waiting, no court should be tied up by 2 or 3 players rallying while awaiting others to complete their group.

9. Non-residents may play only with their Lincoln hosts, unless they purchase a membership.

10. In general, players are expected to do their part to keep the courts and sideline areas in good condition and free of debris.  Please use the trash barrel for any and all garbage.  

11. Anyone found to be in violation of these polices will be asked to leave the courts immediately, and may, at the discretion of the Parks and Recreation Committee, have their membership terminated.

1. Two courts are lighted for night play.  The switch is located on the tennis shed.  Lights are available from dusk to 10pm.
2. Only tennis shoes (soft rubber soles with no heels or treads) are to be worn on the courts.
3. Please sweep the court after use.  When brushing, begin at the outside and work toward the center in a spiral motion.
4. The Parks and Recreation Department reserves the right to close the courts for upkeep or at any other times when conditions are unfavorable for play.