At Risk Properties

At Risk Properties Committee

Mission Statement

The At Risk Properties Committee was charged by the Board of Selectmen to develop a tool to analyze potential development impacts to the Town of Lincoln. The committee is looked at six properties that could be ripe for development in the near future. Certain types of development could have major impacts to the Town. The committee hired a consultant to evaluate different development schemes and their potential impacts to the Town.

Click on the link to view the 2005 At Risk Properties Final Report by VHB, Inc.

To view Conceptual Drawings of various At Risk Parcels, click on any of the following links:

In 2007 the Committee was reconvened to consider an additional property, the Arshad land on Winter Street, and a report on this was produced in July 2008. Arshad Property Report July 2008

For more information please call Jennifer Burney, Land Use Director at 781-259-2684