Joining the LCC

Would You Like to Join the LCC?

  • Would you like to help bring more cultural events to Lincoln, or promote and expand the creative community of our town?
  • Are you creative and/or self expressive?
  • Are you an artist, musician, writer, or other type of performer?
  • Do you enjoy and support the work of other creative individuals?
If any of these apply, then please consider becoming a member of the LCC. You do not need to be an artist, musician, writer, etc., to join. All you need is a desire to help. The council's mission is accomplished via the solicitation and review of proposals for grants to sponsor cultural activities in Lincoln. Such grants can include funding the work of artists, musicians, writers, etc. either directly, via sponsorship of performances, or indirectly via funding for classes, lectures, or other activities that help encourage Lincoln residents to engage in creative activities.

Councilmember Responsibilities

Proposals are due in the fall of each year. After the proposal submission deadline, LCC members review the proposals and then meet to discuss the grant proposals and to select those which will be funded.

In addition to our main mission of reviewing grant proposals, each councilmember is assigned the responsibility of being the contact person for one or more grantees. The councilmembers help the grantees to successfully complete the work, exhibit, event, etc. proposed in the grant. Since grantees may often be from outside Lincoln, assistance usually includes providing local knowledge, such as providing referral to appropriate contact persons within various groups in Lincoln or the town government. Councilmembers also assist in the important task of verifying that the grantees properly publicize the event, especially with regard to ensuring that the Lincoln Cultural Council and Massachusetts Cultural Council are properly credited for their role in supporting the grantee. It is helpful, but not necessary, for the councilmember to attend the grantee's event.

From time to time, the council may also stage its own events. Participation of councilmembers is essential to making these types of events successful.

Council Membership Approval

Please note that because the LCC is an official council of the Town of Lincoln, membership on the council is subject to the application to, and approval by, the Lincoln Board of Selectmen. If appointed, members should be willing to serve at least one three-year term, be sworn in by the Lincoln town clerk, and complete a short online basic training program on the Massachusetts Cultural Council website.