Water Sources & Protection

November 2020 Flint Pond Monthly Fluctuations (002)
The Town of Lincoln is supplied by both surface water and a groundwater well. Flint’s Pond, also known as Sandy Pond, is the primary year-round supply. Tower Road Well is a supplemental source used during peak periods and when Flint’s Pond is off-line for servicing.

Since 1874, when the system was known as the Lincoln Water Works, the Town has recognized the need to protect its watershed. The watershed consists of 465 acres of land surrounding Flint’s Pond, which is approximately 92 percent owned and/or controlled by the Town. The Town has in place a Watershed Protection Plan designed to limit access to the water and protect the land from any development that would endanger the water supply.

In 2012 the Town adopted an Aquifer Protection & Watershed Protection Overlay District to its Zoning By-Laws. A copy of the accompanying APD & WPD overlay map can be seen here.

In 2013 the Town updated its Surface Water Supply Protection By-Law in order to comply with State regulations. A copy of the accompanying Zone A map can be seen here.