Town Meeting 2023

1.  Article 29 General Bylaw Opt-In Stretch Code known as the “Specialized Code”. The Green Energy Committee 

is proposing that the Town adopt the new Specialized Code which is an energy building code which 

would ensure that new construction is consistent with a net-zero Massachusetts economy in 2050. 

This will be accomplished through deep energy efficiency, reduced heating loads, and efficient 

electrification. The effective date of this new energy code will be January 1, 2024.

Detailed information can be found here.

The text of the new general bylaw can be found here.

The Planning Board held a public meeting on February 14ᵗʰ at 7:00pm and voted to endorse this article.

2.  Article 30 General Bylaw The Ten Town Pilot Program. In addition to adopting the Specialized Code, the 

Green Energy Committee is proposing that the Town participate in the State’s Fossil Fuel Free 

Demonstration Program. By participating in this program, the Town can restrict and prohibit new 

building construction and major renovation projects that are not fossil fuel free. Residential 

construction will not be allowed to use fossil fuel for heating, cooking, or hot water. There are 

exemptions for generators and propane tank outdoor gas grills.

Detailed information can be found here.

The text of the new general bylaw can be found here.

The Planning Board held a public meeting on February 14ᵗʰ at 7:00pm and voted to endorse this article.

3.  Article 26 Zoning Bylaw Accessory Apartments: This year the Planning Board is proposing revisions to 

Section 14.3 Accessory Apartments in an R-1 District to allow accessory apartments by right within 

the principal dwelling unit and to streamline the permitting process for an accessory apartment in 

an accessory structure by deleting the requirement of a Planning Board recommendation to the Board 

of Appeals. To review the full text, please use this link.

The Planning Board’s public hearing was held on February 28ᵗʰ at 7:00pm.

4.  TM 2/3 vote The Commons Expansion: 

The Commons has withdrawn its warrant article from the March Town Meeting.  You can view the withdrawal letter here.

The Planning Board’s public meeting scheduled for February 28ᵗʰ at 7:00pm was cancelled.

The Commons was coming to Town Meeting for approval of the 

addition of 40 independent living units. 8 of these units to be freestanding and semi-attached 

cottages and 32 units to be apartments. All apartment units will be located in the Flint and 

Russell buildings. 11 units will be added to the Flint building and six of these will be designated 

as affordable housing to the 80% area median income (AMI) threshold.

The project will infill select areas of vacant land and expand existing structures. There will be 

an increase of 56 additional parking spaces.

To review the complete application please use this link.  To see the Town wide mailer click here.

5.  Article 28 Zoning Bylaw Eligible Facilities Requests: The Board proposes amending Section 12.6.2 Wireless 

Communications Facilities District to revise outdated  parcel numbers and addresses, and to add a new Section  

to  bring the Town’s requirements in line with Federal Law by allowing modifications or additions of wireless equipment

 that qualify as “Eligible Facilities Requests” pursuant to the Spectrum Act by Administrative review rather than a

 modification of a special permit. To review the full text, please use this link.

This change will codify the Planning Board’s current practice of administrative review of these 

requests. The current process can be found via the links on the main Planning page under Forms and Eligible Facilities

Request submittal requirements.

The Planning Board held a public hearing on March 14ᵗʰ at 7:00pm.

6.  Article 25 Zoning Bylaw Cluster Development: The Board proposes to amend Section 6.6 Cluster Developments 

to comply with State law by removing the specific mandates requiring that a proponent of a cluster 

development give the Town and /or the Lincoln Land Conservation Trust interest in land including easements for access

 to the public as part of the special permit approval process.  To have the Zoning Bylaw comply with current language of

 M.G.L. c.40A, s. 1A, the language will be revised to allow a proponent to choose between conveying land to the Town for

 park, recreation, or open space purposes OR having the land subject to a recorded use restriction enforceable by the

 Town, the LLCT or a non profit organization whose principal purpose is the conservation of open space.   To review the

 DRAFT Bylaw Text, please use this link.

To review M.G.L. c.40A, s. 1A use this link.

The Planning Board held an informational meeting on March 8, 2023 and voted to pass over this article.

7.  Article 24 Addition of 58 Bedford Road to the Historic District: The Historical Commission is asking the 

Town to approve the addition of 58 Bedford Road to the Historic District. Tor review the

Historic Commission’s report please use this link.

8. Article 27 Amendment to the B-2 Business District:  A proposed amendment to Section 10 B-2 Business District to

 allow certain residential, business and mixed-uses by right, to be known as the Mixed-Use Village District with

 associated development requirements, design criteria, and permitting process.  This proposal has not been finalized

 and will be Passed Over.