2021 Garlic Mustard Information

Neighborhood Pull Season 

April 11 through May 31. Venture out and pull Garlic Mustard!

Free Paper Leaf Bag Distribution

 Wednesday April 14, 2021 9-12pm at Transfer Station

Ongoing at Conservation and LLCT Offices

Courtesy of the Lincoln Garden Club

Drop Off – Monday-Friday from 7:30am to 3pm

Drop paper leaf bags behind the DPW on Lewis Street (near cell tower)

Pick Up – Now through May 31st

Contact the Conservation Department for pick up

781-259-2612x8129 or coatese@lincolntown.org

New this year:

Help us out by signing up to pull at one of our conservation areas! You choose the date and time

We are offering a list of locations for folks who are feeling adventurous in their free time. LOCATIONS WILL BE REMOVED BASED ON SIGN UP NUMBERS

(Please note that you are responsible for bringing your filled bags to DPW after you pull)

Sign up at: https://forms.gle/1sSGtwmUYaPh9sJx6

Participate in the Nature Groupie Garlic Mustard Challenge

“The Garlic Mustard Challenge is a collaborative effort to restore and protect natural ecosystems across the Midwest and Northeast.”


At-home Disposal Options*

If you wish to keep your garlic mustard season contactless, here are some things you can do at home:

Create a “tarp sandwich” – identify an area in your driveway or on your lawn to lay down a piece of tarp or any plastic sheet. Then, spread your garlic mustard across the tarp/plastic and cover with your second piece (you can use rocks or any sort of weight around the edges to hold your pieces together). This will allow your garlic mustard to “cook” in the sun for the season. Once the invasives have decomposed, remove the tarps, spray down with water to clean, or throw them away. Finally, let your decomposed garlic mustard dry out a bit and move it to an inconspicuous place or burn it, if possible (don’t forget to apply for a burn permit!).

Leave it to dry on pavement – spread piles out over pavement until the plants dry out or place in a designated “invasive plant only” pile (with garlic mustard or otherwise) where you dispose of all invasives.